LWP June: Scaling repos and your organisation

Join us in June for an evening of talks on the theme of scaling up. We have Adam Braimbridge from the FT’s technology team explaining how they maintain control and effective management of 1000s of repos. And Edd Read, a co-founder of Graze and childcare start-up Tiney, will talk about the way starting a tech business has changed over time and how that helps us scale organisations with fewer risks and less investment.

Drinks and food will be provided. We’re grateful to the Financial Times for hosting us in their brand new Bracken House offices this month. Because our venue this month is a newly refurbished building, we are still working out the details of how we can best run LWP in this space. As a result, food and drink options may be different to our usual options, and childcare will be provided off-site (but close by!)

Remember London Web Performance events are ticketed, and funds raised from tickets are used exclusively for running the events. Get yours on eventbrite now!

Managing 1000s of Repositories

📋 How can we tell which repositories are ours? 🗓 How can we keep our code up to date in all our repositories? 🛤 How can we track when our work is done? Let's guess: How many repositories are in the Financial-Times GitHub organisation? The answer will shock you. This…
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Scaling your startup in the SaaS age

Edd takes a look at the differences between building a tech business today versus in 2009. With the vast array of products, services and platforms available to the modern developer, how do you work out the right approach to getting your product to market in the most competitive way, without…
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