Blurred lines: browsers vs non-browsers?

Web browsers are the archetypal HTTP client. They provide myriad features, and are often backed by developer, security and UX teams, to name a few. Browsers are user facing and grab attention, particularly in web performance terms. But what of the non-browsers? The RESTful API clients, voice assistants, and IoT clients of the world. These less glamorous, and often invisible, diverse set of tools and libraries are the workhorses that play a major part in keeping the Internet, the Web and the services running atop all ticking over nicely.

This talk begins with the question "What is a browser?" and considers the answer through the lens of HTTP features and capabilities. Spoiler: the answer is complicated. We'll consider how Browsers play an important part in driving the evolution of the web and whether non-browsers will be left behind

Along the way we'll also look at HTTP clients in the context of market reach, and some case studies arising from Lucas' direct experience.