QUIC: in Theory and Practice

On 10th May 2018 at The QEII Centre as part of DeltaV Conference

This talk will discuss the new QUIC protocol and why it is needed/important for web performance in particular. I will start by discussing the shortcomings of the current HTTP/2 setup and how QUIC aims to help solve them. I will discuss the bolder aspects of the new standard and the open challenges.

The second part will detail our own experience in developing a QUIC implementation and from looking at other open source implementations. This will also incorporate some findings from related state of the art academic research on QUIC. We end by contemplating how quickly the new standard will evolve and what developers can do in preparation, especially if they have not yet transferred to HTTP/2 yet.

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Presented by

Robin Marx

Web Performance Researcher - UHasselt - EDM


Robin Marx is a Web Performance researcher at Hasselt University, Belgium. He is currently looking into HTTP/2 and QUIC and how to automate performance best practices. In a previous life, he was a multiplayer game programmer and co-founder of LuGus Studios. In the weekends, Robin hits other people with longswords.


DeltaV Conference


10th May 2018

Skill level

Intermediate / Advanced