Web Performance of The Sun: The Journey So Far

On 20th August 2019 at News UK as part of LWP August: Real world metrics and workers

Optimising the performance of a web site with over 10 million visits daily is no mean feat. When digital advertising revenue is your bread and butter, it's even harder.

How did we solve this real world challenge? What did we learn along the way? Where are we going next? We have a story to tell.

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Liwen Knight-Zhang

Principal Engineer


Since managing to move a picture of Mario from left to right on his Commando 64, Liwen has never lost the satisfaction of programming. Liwen moved to the UK and completed his Master's degree in Computer Science at Durham University, and has worked in the industry for over 10 years. Nowadays, although not fully hands-on at work, he still finds spare time to tinker with his Emacs setup with a bit of lisp code.


LWP August: Real world metrics and workers


20th August 2019

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