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Blurred lines: browsers vs non-browsers?

Web browsers are the archetypal HTTP client. They provide myriad features, and are often backed by developer, security and UX teams, to name a few. Browsers are user facing and grab attention, particularly in web performance terms. But what of the non-browsers? The RESTful API clients, voice assistants, and IoT…

Quick wins for your website in the SEM game

Even though online marketing can be a long term investment and game where you need to test, optimise and trial various tactics and strategies – us marketers are often pressured to show progress quickly. Saija Mahon’s session on ‘Quick wins for your website in the SEM (search engine marketing) game’…

ASP.NET Core 2 – High Performance Web Applications

ASP.NET Core 2.0 is Microsoft's latest cross-platform and open-source web app framework. It supports an MVC pattern, web APIs, standalone web pages and Single Page Applications (React/Redux, Angular and Vue.js). You can write your server-side code in C#, F# or even Visual Basic then run it on Window, Mac, Linux…

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