About us

London Web Performance is a professional networking and learning group for people whose work depends on delivering content and applications over the web as fast as possible.

Meet with other web site system administrators, creators, developers, designers and business people who are interested in making their sites fast, to get better user experience, lower abandonment rates and better experiences for everyone.

We organise monthly talks, workshops, and larger events in conjunction with some of the largest and most forward thinking companies with a presence in the capital. Thanks to their sponsorship, our events are low cost and open to all.

Who we are

Andrew Betts

Andrew Betts

Speaker Management

Product Manager and Developer Advocate for Fastly

Andrew is a web developer, product manager and developer advocate for Fastly, working with developers across the world to help make the web faster, more secure, more reliable and easier to work with.

Simon Hearne

Simon Hearne

Venue Management

Web Performance Solutions Consultant for Akamai

Simon is passionate about web performance. He works with Akamai clients to build fast and reliable web apps which drive great user engagement.

Andy Davies

Andy Davies

Finance and Legal

Web Performance Consultant

Andy is an Independent Web Performance Consultant and has helped some of the UK’s leading retailers, newspapers and financial services companies make their sites faster.

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Code of Conduct

Our meetups, workshops and conferences are places for free discussion and open exchange of ideas. We can only truly achieve that if everyone involved feels that they are warmly welcomed and valued participants and that they are in a safe environment. Although we may disagree with each other’s opinions, we should be able to do so without upsetting or being upset by others.


This guide has been created to answer questions which are commonly asked about London Web Performance meet ups. It will continue to be developed over time in response to questions that are asked by the community.