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London Web Performance is a professional networking and learning group for people whose work depends on delivering content and applications over the web as fast as possible.

Meet with other web site system administrators, developers, designers and business people who are interested in making their sites fast, to get better user experience, lower abandonment rates and better conversions.

We organise monthly talks, workshops, and larger events in conjunction with some of the largest and most forward thinking companies with a presence in the capital. Thanks to their sponsorship, our events are low cost and open to all.

Who we are

Andrew Betts

Andrew Betts


Director of FT Labs

We built the FT mobile web app, a highly touch optimised website designed to be used on tablets and smartphones, and which many people can't distinguish from a native iPad app.
Perry Dyball

Perry Dyball


Ticketmaster International

Gave the very first talk at LDNWebPerf back in January 2011 on seatwave.com and has been involved in the group ever since. Now, having been acquired, I am leading a performance operations programme across all products at Ticketmaster International.

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