End of year special : Kornel Lesinski and Patrick Meenan

To round off 2018 we have talks from two great speakers, Kornel Lesinski and Pat Meenan. Kornel is going to tell us the latest techniques in serving progressive images, and Pat, the creator of the seminal WebPageTest.org, will give us an insight into resource scheduling.

This event, once again sees us donating all ticket fees to BBC Children in Need and Crisis at Christmas so please give generously.

Beer & Pizzas will be provided due to the generosity of our Group Sponsors : Akamai, Apica, Cedexis, Google Developers, Distil Networks, Fastly, The Financial Times, NCC Group, New Relic, NS1 and Varnish Software.

Serving progressive images

Serving progressive images
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Resource Scheduling – the core of Web Performance

Patrick is going to talk in-depth about resource prioritization and why it matters so much for the user experience. He will talk about prioritization from the browser's perspective, upcoming specs that provide developers with more fine-grained control, the impact of 3rd-parties, content sharding, HTTP/2 and the role the edge web…
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