LWP December: doing good on the web

Makers Academy

We made it to the end of the decade! The web is in a challenging place in many ways, and for our end of year special we wanted to celebrate the ways in which the web can bring people together, create galvanise political movements and get help to people who need it.

Several times in the last couple of years we’ve seen what happens when a petition posted on the government e-petitions website goes viral, and signatures flood in at a phenomenal rate. Learn from Andrew White, CTO of Unboxed, the team that built the petition site, about how the signing rate has increased as the petitions system has captured the public imagination, and how the site handles it.

When we’ve been able to, London Web Performance has supported Crisis, a UK charity working to end homelessness on our streets. Unfortunately they are busier than ever and the annual Crisis at Christmas event is for many people who visit the Christmas centres a rare wonderful experience, and some welcome respite from the reality of homelessness. Crisis at Christmas is a logistical marvel, depending on a team of specialist volunteers, including technology professionals who do everything from organising internet access for guests to creating back-office systems for volunteers.

Ticket revenue (less Eventbrite fees) for this month’s event will be donated to Crisis.