Progressive Web Apps with Jake Archibald

The Financial Times

This month we are delighted to have Jake Archibald joing us to give two talks relating to Progressive Web Apps.

The talks have been given previously at the Google Developers Progressive Web Apps day in London on 17th March, so if you missed them, or would just like to have a refresher, come along for what promises (did you spot the in joke there?) to be a great evening. Its fair to say that you might just hear about Service Workers and Streams…….

For some reason I am unable to control the order of the sessions listed for this event (enhancement request has been logged) so to clarify the running order is as follows

  • Session 1 : 45 mins : Instant loading offline-first progressive web apps
  • Session 2 : 30mins : Let’s talk about streams (and other cool new web things)

Beer & Pizzas will be provided due to the generosity of our Group Sponsors : Akamai, AppDynamics, Cedexis, Dynatrace, Dyn, The Financial Times, Google, NCC Group, Neustar, Cogeco PEER1, and SciVisum.