Instantly loading web apps and lossy PNGs

Beer & Pizzas will be provided due to the generosity of our Group Sponsors : Akamai, AppDynamics, Cedexis, Dynatrace, Dyn, The Financial Times, Google, NCC Group, Neustar, Cogeco PEER1, and SciVisum.


Instant loading offline-first progressive web apps

For most of the web, poor network connectivity destroys the user experience. We can do better. In this session we'll take an online-only site and turn it into a fully…

Lossy Compression of True-color PNG Images

PNG is currently the only image format that works across all browsers and supports alpha channel. Backwards-compatible lossy encoding is much easier to deploy on the Web than a set…

When is it?

19:00, 11th November 2014

Where is it?

20 Air St, Soho, London, W1B 5DL