Introducing Speedtracker & Optimising for 25k Unique Devices

Beer & Pizzas will be provided due to the generosity of our Group Sponsors : Akamai, AppDynamics, Cedexis, Dynatrace, Dyn, The Financial Times, Google, NCC Group, Neustar, Cogeco PEER1, and SciVisum. – a new open source wrapper for WebPageTest

Eduardo will be giving introductory section outlining the importance of measuring performance and then go on to demo the new open source tool SpeedTracker and how it builds upon WebPageTest to track performance over time. WebPageTest is an incredibly useful resource for any web developer, but the information it provides…
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Optimising for 25,000 Unique Devices

The world of Android is broad and complex, with over 25,000 unique devices in use. But your analytics shows you that all your Android traffic is Samsung. What are you missing in the long tail? What if you're missing traffic from slow devices because they take so long that poeple…
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