LWP relaunch: SVG performance and the NHS digital strategy


For our first 2019 series event, we’re bringing you Terrence Eden with buckets of stuff you probably didn’t know about SVG, and Hadley Beeman will tell us all about the new NHS Digital plan and how it will help bring better technology and use of the web into government (and more specifically health) services.

We’re grateful to the Telegraph for hosting us this month, and even more so for agreeing to provide food and drinks for us.

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Cool tricks with SVGs

All the cool kids use SVG. Vector graphics are small, fast, and can do all sorts of amazing things. This talk will explain what SVGs are, how to use them, techniques to make them as small and fast as possible, and some nifty tricks you can use.
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NHS digital strategy

The NHS has a new digital strategy, and it's actually rather good. Learn how it came about and what it means for the NHS's use of web technologies in providing heath services.
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