The butterfly effect and tech / A-B Testing, Ads and other 3rd Party Tags

This month we have two great talks. Firstly we have a talk from Arianna Aondio, Technical Evangelist at Varnish Software, who will talk about “The butterfly effect and tech” and how the only certainty we face in tech is uncertainty. She will look at how agility, flexibility, and openness can help us get a certain sense of control and thereby cope with that uncertainty.  To follow Arianna we will have Andy Davies who will give those of you that did not attend the recent SmashingConf to hear his talk “A/B Testing, Ads and other 3rd Party Tags” where will will take another look at one of our favourite web performance subjects.

Beer & Pizzas will be provided due to the generosity of our Group Sponsors : Akamai, Cedexis, Google Developers, Distil Networks, Fastly, The Financial Times, NCC Group, New Relic, NS1 and Varnish Software.

The butterfly effect and tech: forecasting the future makes no sense, but I’ll give it a shot anyway

The butterfly effect theory has taught us that it is extremely hard to calculate things with certainty. The amount of changes in recent years in almost every important subject area (culture, politics, economics, and technology) seems to confirm MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz’s theory. But in order to decide what is…
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A/B Testing, Ads and other 3rd Party Tags

Increasingly we rely on third-party scripts to deliver business-critical features of our sites – analytics, adverts, multi-variant testing, comments, recommendations, retargeting, social sharing etc. These scripts often get added with the seemingly innocent “it’s just a snippet of JavaScript”, but they can have a dramatic impact on performance – from…
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