A Christmas Take On Third Parties

On 5th December 2017 at The Financial Times as part of Christmas 2017 Lightning Talks & Quiz

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Ben Daniel

Professional Services Manager at NCC Group


Ben graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2000 having studied Computing and Informatics and has been searching for a suitable definition of Informatics ever since.

Following a brief dalliance in the world of Telecommunications start-ups he found himself working for Site Confidence who were at the time a maturing start-up of their own helping customers to improve the performance and availability of their web sites.

After NCC Group acquired Site Confidence he enjoyed many Technical Consulting roles until finally finding himself with overall responsibility for Web Performance consultancy services, all specifically with the aim of helping customers to make the most from their web presence.

In this capacity he has both Product Management and Team Management responsibilities.

In his spare time he has three children under 10 and a dog and therefore has no spare time.


Christmas 2017 Lightning Talks & Quiz


5th December 2017

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Beginner / Intermediate