Containers and Microservices Make Everything Worse

On 4th August 2015 at as part of Containers and Microservices Make Everything Worse

A lighthearted discussion of how a move towards micro services and the latest container technologies like Docker might just have have a negative impact on the performance of your application. This talk will discuss:

• The problems with container networking and the cost of overlay networks

• When you might not want to swap fast in-process communication with slow and unreliable HTTP

• What happens to the output from helpful debugging tools like ps and top when containers get involved

• Why referring to containers as lightweight virtual machines can be dangerous

This talk should be equal parts helpful tips and cautionary tales, topped with just the right amount of snark. Afterwards you should be better prepared to start using containers in your systems.


Presented by

Gareth Rushgrove

Software developer


Gareth Rushgrove is a software developer, occasional sysadmin, general web, programming and technology geek and curator of Devops Weekly. Engineer at @puppetlabs. @gdsteam alumnus


Containers and Microservices Make Everything Worse


4th August 2015

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