CSS Performance Tuning

On 5th May 2015 at The Financial Times as part of CSS Performance Tuning

CSS is often overlooked when it comes to performance optimizations, however when your site starts receiving a high amount of traffic, or you build a web application to handle high load scenarios, it may be useful to dig deeper and get the most out of every piece of your set-up. We will cover squeezing out requests, frames, and bytes to deliver optimal CSS to our clients' browsers.


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Jakub Pawlowicz

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I am a Software Engineer with 13 years of professional experience, favoring Elixir, Ruby, and JavaScript in day-to-day work.

I specialise in web development having worked with multiple companies as a web engineer. I feel comfortable cooperating with clients, doing project planning, software development, product releases and maintenance.

I currently work as a contractor for companies around Europe.

I am interested in innovative, web-centric projects, so feel free to contact me if you are looking for a skilled web developer.


CSS Performance Tuning


5th May 2015

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