Delivering performant websites every time

On 12th July 2017 at The Financial Times as part of Delivering performant websites every time

Building a single performant website can be a challenge but what if you want to scale that up to 5 websites or even 80 websites built across multiple teams. This brings a whole new set of challenges that range from how you hire right through to how you ship the end result. Having gone through these challenges I want to share what I learnt with the London web performance community.

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Jonathan Fielding

#WebDev working for @beamlyuk, speaker about web things, writing about cool stuff, contributor to open source & into #Anime, loving both Attack on Titan and SAO


Jonathan is a Technical Architect at Beamly, where he focuses on building out and improving the site to offer users the best possible experience. The main drive behind anything that Jonathan does is whether it will benefit someone in some way, whether that be through improving UX on or through contributing to open source to help push the web forward. Outside of work, he has written Beginning Responsive Design with HTML5 and CSS3 and has worked on many open source projects including SimpleStateManager, Echo.js and Doccy. Aside from development he also has an awesome collection of geeky t-shirts.


Delivering performant websites every time


12th July 2017

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