How To Manage Performance Like a Product

On 10th May 2018 at The QEII Centre as part of DeltaV Conference

It’s pretty widely accepted that performance impacts business success. So where do you start and how do you make sure you’re successful? It’s not just about making the slowest pages faster or having the fastest root cause analysis in a fire drill. We need to start to manage performance like a product and use data to gain clear prioritization of efforts and improve performance where it matters most.

There will always be emergencies, but we can use product management strategies and data to help us work smarter; allowing us to identify and focus on the most impactful places to optimize. Maximize efforts and impact by making sure you and your team are focused on what matters most to your company, customers and bottom line. We’ll step through some of the keys of product management and how to apply them to performance and optimization projects.

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Lauren Younger

Sr. Product Manager, Web Experience - Akamai


Lauren has been interested in computers and software ever since her first TI-99 when she was four years old. Her career started as a Software Design Engineer in Test, until she realized that the best way to prevent bugs was to not design them in – and thus made the leap to product management. Today, Lauren is responsible for mPulse which brings together her love of testing and analytics, as well as her keen interest in everything that makes the internet run fast.


DeltaV Conference


10th May 2018

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