Improving load time for 100 million websites – Wix Case-Study

On 10th May 2018 at The QEII Centre as part of DeltaV Conference

Wix is the leading DIY platform for building an online presence, hosting over 100 million websites. Providing high-performance service is of topmost importance to us, and is one of our main goals for the entire company. In this case-study I will review how we implemented a process of continuous performance improvement, the methodologies and technologies we used, the results we were able to achieve, and our plans for the future.

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Dan Shappir

Performance Tech Lead - Wix


Dan Shappir is Performance Tech Lead at Wix, focusing on making 110 million sites hosted on the Wix platform load and execute faster. Dan has over twenty years of software development experience, having worked on systems ranging from missile trajectory simulations to networked multi-user games to designing and building Web apps, since even before AJAX. Dan holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science, and has spoken at various technical conferences.


DeltaV Conference


10th May 2018

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