Instant loading offline-first progressive web apps

On 11th November 2014 at Twitter as part of Instantly loading web apps and lossy PNGs

For most of the web, poor network connectivity destroys the user experience. We can do better. In this session we'll take an online-only site and turn it into a fully network-resilient, offline-first installable progressive web app, and this won't involve rebuilding from scratch; it'll be done in small iterations, with each step improving the user experience whether they're offline, online, or anything in between. We'll cover ServiceWorker, web manifests, add-to-homescreen banners, IndexedDB and BackgroundSync APIs.

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Jake Archibald

Developer Programs Engineer, Google


I want the web to do everything native can, and fast.


Instantly loading web apps and lossy PNGs


11th November 2014

Skill level

Intermediate / Advanced