Managing 1000s of Repositories

On 11th June 2019 at The Financial Times at Bracken House as part of LWP June: Scaling repos and your organisation

📋 How can we tell which repositories are ours?
🗓 How can we keep our code up to date in all our repositories?
🛤 How can we track when our work is done?

Let's guess: How many repositories are in the Financial-Times GitHub organisation? The answer will shock you.

This talk is about how the FT Technology team achieves repose by managing repos.

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Adam Braimbridge

Senior Developer at


Adam moved to London from Perth, WA in 2010. He spends entirely too much time coding and gaming (computer, board and DnD), and is cursed with a compulsion for terrible puns.


LWP June: Scaling repos and your organisation


11th June 2019

Skill level

Beginner / Intermediate