Modernising HTTP Headers with Structured Headers

On 11th February 2020 at RVU as part of LWP February: What’s new in HTTP

The HTTP community has been very busy modernising the protocol's transport, first with HTTP/2 and now with the upcoming HTTP/3. However, at the same time one of the protocol's core mechanisms -- HTTP header syntax -- hasn't changed materially since HTTP/0.9, and as a result specifying and handling headers is a wild west of security and interoperability problems and inefficiency. Come find out how we're trying to improve them.

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Mark Nottingham

Principal Engineer at Fastly


I’m an expert on Web technologies, especially protocols and data formats. This has led me to contribute to the development of technologies like RSS, Atom, HTTP, and Web Services.

The roles I’m most comfortable in involve leading through influence, rather than managing directly; in other words, convincing people to do what I want to do, rather than telling them. This often lands me in “Individual Contributor” positions working on technical strategy, research and development, and/or collaboration and standardisation.

I enjoy working with my peers (whether in the same company or across the world), interacting with upper management, partners and competitors, and speaking in front of audiences.

Specialties: HTTP, Web caching, XML, URIs, metadata, Semantic Web, Web services, standards, strategy


LWP February: What’s new in HTTP


11th February 2020

Skill level

Beginner / Intermediate