Optimising for 25,000 Unique Devices

On 7th February 2017 at The Financial Times as part of Introducing Speedtracker & Optimising for 25k Unique Devices

The world of Android is broad and complex, with over 25,000 unique devices in use. But your analytics shows you that all your Android traffic is Samsung. What are you missing in the long tail? What if you're missing traffic from slow devices because they take so long that poeple leave before your analytics fires? Simon will give a short talk highlighting the challenge of optimising for Android, tips on how to measure performance and techniques that will give the best performance improvements on low-end Android devices.

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Simon Hearne

#webperf geek, I make sites faster for a living. Expert in no web technology. Father first, then husband, cyclist, craft beer and coffee drinker. Then work.


Simon works for NCC Group as a web performance consultant. I also run a website that generates millions of QR codes and I develop web services as a freelancer. My blog is at https://webperf.ninja/


Introducing Speedtracker & Optimising for 25k Unique Devices


7th February 2017

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