Speedtracker.org – a new open source wrapper for WebPageTest

On 7th February 2017 at The Financial Times as part of Introducing Speedtracker & Optimising for 25k Unique Devices

Eduardo will be giving introductory section outlining the importance of measuring performance and then go on to demo the new open source tool SpeedTracker and how it builds upon WebPageTest to track performance over time.

WebPageTest is an incredibly useful resource for any web developer, but the information it provides becomes much more powerful when monitored regularly, rather than at isolated events. SpeedTracker runs on top of WebPageTest and makes periodic performance tests on your website and shows a visualisation of how the various performance metrics evolve over time. This allows you to constantly evaluate how new features or infrastructural changes impact the perceived performance of your website. Whether you’re part of a small company or run a non-profit/open-source project, SpeedTracker can help you keep an eye on the performance of your website for free.

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Eduardo Bouças

Senior Engineer @dadi. Web fanboy. Mozillian. Created @staticmanapp, @speed_tracker, include-media and more stuff. Writes code and writes about writing code.


Born in the north of Portugal at a very young age, I’m a software engineer with camp set up in London, England. I am a firm supporter of an open, free and independent world-wide web, and an advocate of open source software. I’m a Senior Engineer at DADI+, making all-round awesome things with a strong focus on API-first back-end and front-end systems, and the principle of COPE.


Introducing Speedtracker & Optimising for 25k Unique Devices


7th February 2017

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