TLS Perf: from three to zero in one spec

On 7th June 2016 at The Financial Times as part of TLS Perf: from three to zero in one spec

Upgrading to HTTPS still seems to be difficult for some, and one the given reasons is: performance. Current in use TLS versions can take three round trips before any application data can be sent, which may seem like too many to spare for some. However, optimisations and solutions exist which can cut this wait time down and make it negligible. Not only that, but new versions of TLS may bring the round trip times down to zero. Natasha will go through the methods of working with speedy TLS, and how it’ll get even speedier in the future.

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Natasha Rooney

Internet & Web Technologist at GSMA


Natasha has been both a web and application developer before becoming a technologist providing expertise on web technologies and internet protocols to the telecoms industry. She attends W3C and IETF working with both standards bodies to support and make recommendations for better user experiences on mobile and across the mobile network. She is currently obsessed with TCP congestion control techniques, brunch places in East London, and Japanese video games.


TLS Perf: from three to zero in one spec


7th June 2016

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