Where are the women?

On 5th December 2017 at The Financial Times as part of Christmas 2017 Lightning Talks & Quiz

We’re all good people, we all care about diversity. In which we riddle: how do you measure diversity without counting people? And how do you know it’s working?

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Apologies for the first 90 secs of missing sound until we realised that Dora's MIC was muted

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To support the slides please read Dora's blog post at https://medium.com/@doramilitaru/shut-up-about-diversity-ba1fd76bfb21

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Dora Militaru

Tech Lead at the Financial Times


Dora is a developer at the Financial Times, where she works on FT.com. She lives in London with her partner and two cats, where she hosts an occasional brunch club.


Christmas 2017 Lightning Talks & Quiz


5th December 2017

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