Quick wins for your website in the SEM game

On 3rd October 2017 at The Financial Times as part of Non-browser HTTP clients / SEM quick wins / .NET Core 2.0

Even though online marketing can be a long term investment and game where you need to test, optimise and trial various tactics and strategies – us marketers are often pressured to show progress quickly. Saija Mahon’s session on ‘Quick wins for your website in the SEM (search engine marketing) game’ will provide some valuable ideas for quick wins that you can start implementing immediately and that will show value whilst waiting for your longer-term initiatives to start gaining traction.

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Saija Mahon

Founder of Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd


Saija Mahon is the founder of Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd, an international, award-winning digital media agency that helps growing global businesses to achieve their sales targets by utilising advanced technologies and strategic tactics in the ever expanding online environment.

After working for some of the biggest global media houses in the world, Saija decided to launch her own business in 2010, starting her journey as an entrepreneur from London, UK.

Mahon Digital Marketing specialises specifically in biddable media, website optimisation, search engine optimisation, content marketing, social media optimisation and PR activities, and currently employs 14 people in total.
Mahon Digital operates their main offices from London UK and also Turku Finland, with multiple resources across US, Europe and Asia.

Saija has also founded Lonely Robot Web Design agency that solely specialises in Web design and build within the UK market.

Last but not least, Saija has founded a Scandinavian business networking concept called The Caviar Club, which after 4 years of running, operates in Finland across 5 major cities.

Saija is also a very passionate speaker, keynote, author and business mentor.



Non-browser HTTP clients / SEM quick wins / .NET Core 2.0


3rd October 2017

Skill level

Beginner / Intermediate