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Thanks for considering to submit a talk proposal to LDNWebPerf, we’ll be excited to hear your idea. Please read the FAQ below and click the submit button to display a form where you can tell us about yourself and your talk. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on if you have questions, we’re there to help. We particularly encourage new speakers and speakers from underrepresented groups to submit, and we give those submissions precedence.

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FAQ – Speaking At LDNWebPerf


LDNWebPerf is a meetup for the tech community in London that focuses on web and infrastructure performance. Our audience is a diverse mix of frontend and fullstack developers, designers and UX specialists, sysadmins and devops engineers, product and project managers and product stakeholders who are interested in web performance.


In particular we’re looking for these types of talk: i) Real life case studies where you’ve worked through and solved challenges you think your peers may share ii) High level sessions on new and disruptive technologies and tools

We aim to have a balance of topics across the year, but here are some themes that we think would make for interesting talks:

Accessibility, UX, Architectures, web security & bots, third party governance, tooling, synthetic, RUM, load, infrastructure config testing, measuring for the business and insight, team diversity, and the future direction of web performance and the internet.

Although this is a web performance meetup, not every single talk needs to be specifically about web perf. If you have a great idea for a talk that would be relevant to our audience but that’s about a different topic, submit it anyway! We are also open to “wildcards” – something that doesn’t necessarily exactly fit the description of the themes and topics above, but you feel would be interesting, inspiring or entertaining for our attendees.

And of course, you can feel free to submit more than one talk idea!

Experience Level

We’re open to anyone, from beginners to conference veterans. Many first time LDNWebPerf speakers have gone on to speak at other events and conferences. If you are nervous about speaking for the first time we will help you every step of the way.


All talks are in English.

Talk Duration

We welcome sumbissions for talks of varying lengths. Lightning talks of up to 10 minutes, mid length talks of 20 – 30 minutes including any Q&A, and a full session talk of around 40 – 50 minutes including any Q&A.

Dependent on available talks for any single event, we will mix and match talks up to a maximum duration of 90 minutes including any Q&A sessions (eg 2 full session talks, 3 mid length, 8 lightning talks or combination thereof), but typically each meetup lasts for 60 minutes of introduction and talks and 90 minutes of socialising/networking with food and drink provided.

Slides and Equipment

We have full projection, video and audio facilities with HDMI, VGA, Mini DisplayPort and 3.5mm audio connections. You can either bring your own laptop (and connection dongle) or supply a Powerpoint, Keynote, or Web Based presentation (eg Google Presentation) to us. For the speaker there is a choice between a wireless microphone headset and a wired hand mic and we can also get audio from your machine into the speakers via 3.5mm audio jack, if needed.

With your permission, we live stream most talks, and the resulting video, plus your slide deck are published on our website a couple of days after the talk.

Code of conduct

We have a code of conduct for speakers and attendees at LDNWebPerf and details can be found at

Schedule for 2018

Most events take place at The Financial Times, 1 Southwark Bridge, London, SE1 9HL and start at 19:00 finishing between 21:30 and 22:30

Tuesday Jan 9th
Tuesday Feb 6th
Wednesday Mar 7th
Wednesday April 11th
Tuesday May 8th
Tuesday June 5th
Tuesday July 3rd
Tuesday Aug 7th
Tuesday Sept 4th
Tuesday Oct 2nd
Tuesday Nov 6th
Tuesday Dec 4th

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