LWP November: Lighthouse audits and network throttling

This month we take a particularly narrow focus on a couple of specific performance methods: network throttling, and custom audits in Lighthouse. Matt Zeunert, founder of DebugBear, will talk about creating the network conditions that you need for proper testing of your site, and we’re pleased to bring Aymen Loukil to London from France for a talk on using custom audits in Lighthouse to monitor business performance metrics.

We’re continuing our nomadic tour of London’s tech scene – this month we’re thankful to Akamai for hosting us in the heart of the West End. Due to the small size of the venue there will be fewer tickets available than normal. Food and drink will be provided.


A guide to network throttling methods

When testing site performance, network throttling lets us simulate how a page would load for a user on a slower connection. But not all network throttling tools are the same,…

When is it?

18:30, 12th November 2019

Where is it?

7 Air St, Soho, London, W1B 5AD