LWP September: Saving data and the web perf quiz

This month LWP returns to its second-tuesday slot with two visiting speakers. Tim Vereecke, a web performance consultant at Akamai and scale-modelling enthusiast, will discuss data saver mode, and what it means for your website. Lydia Hallie is also making a special trip to join us from Sweden to present her web performance trivia quiz. I came across Lydia’s advanced JavaScript questions repo when it was featured in JavaScript Weekly and am delighted she’s able to bring that content to LWP.

The Cloudflare office is in County Hall, Belvedere Rd. The entrance is in front of Forum Magnum Square on Belvedere Road. Once inside, walk to the elevators foyer on the left of the central staircase and press “6” on the keypad. Use the elevator shown on the display (A, B or C). Once on floor 6, go left to get into the office.


Data-s(h)aver strategies

More and more people are making use of the data saver mode built into their browser. As website owners we should listen and serve a lightweight version when the data-saver…

Web Performance Trivia

Participate and test your knowledge on web performance by playing trivia with the rest of the audience! Answer multiple choice questions, from more basic to advanced, and learn more about…

When is it?

18:30, 10th September 2019

Where is it?

Cloudflare London
County Hall, Belvedere Rd, Southbank, London, SE1 7GP