Beyond Load Times: Performance Analysis for Modern Web Apps

On 6th February 2018 at The Financial Times as part of Large Scale DDoS / Variable Fonts / Chrome Timeline

Traditional web performance analysis often focuses on loading metrics -- time to first render, interactivity, onload, etc. This is important as far as it goes but increasingly limited as web "pages" become "apps" in their own right. While loading metrics remain important, it's becoming crucial to understand what's happening after the page is rendered.
To this end, we'll focus on using Chrome's performance timeline to understand everything that a page does, from the initial page load to ajax requests and client-side rendering. We'll also discuss the tools and techniques at our disposal to eliminate performance bottlenecks, or at least sweep them under the rug when they're unavoidable.

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Joel Webber

Engineer, dad, Xoogler, startup founder @fullstory. Reformed drummer and game developer.


One of the founders at FullStory, Joel can typically be found hacking away at hard problems while listening to music too loudly and drumming on his desk. He hates bad user interfaces and slow code, and is willing to unleash any amount of effort to fix them. Prior to FullStory, he was an engineer at Google, working on the Google Web Toolkit, among other things. In the mists of history, he was a game engine developer and all around bit-banger.


Large Scale DDoS / Variable Fonts / Chrome Timeline


6th February 2018

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