Christmas Quiz 2016 – Andy vs The World!

On 6th December 2016 at The Financial Times as part of LDNWebPerf Christmas 2016 Spectacular

The (in)famous LDNWebPerf Christmas Quiz is back but this year its with a new twist - AND - with great a prize of a Samsung Gear VR + S6 Edge combo for the winner!

Using tech from the quiz is played using your mobile device so make sure you are well charged up

Basically it was getting a little boring to have our good friend Andy Davies win every time so this year its him versus the rest (and he is banned from winning the star prize).

Questions will be a mix of general knowledge IT and webperf topics from the talks we have had in 2016, along with, lets just say some "levelers", that should even it up a bit. Players are welcome over the live stream, but to win the prize you'll have to attend on the night.

The only rule is that "The quizmaster is always right" - whatever I say is the answer, is the answer, even if it isn't - you get my drift.

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Perry Dyball

Keep it up and keep it fast


Gave the very first talk at LDNWebPerf back in January 2011 on how was optimised and has been involved in the group ever since. Now that has been acquired by Ticketmaster, he is leading a performance operations programme across all products at Ticketmaster International.


LDNWebPerf Christmas 2016 Spectacular


6th December 2016

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