Finding the right framework (or compiler!) for Zoopla

On 14th January 2020 at General Assembly as part of LWP January: new year, new framework?

The modern front-end ecosystem can be overwhelming. Scaling front-end projects can be even more so. Finding the right framework (or compiler) will ensure we get off to a strong start.

Being fortunate enough to start a greenfield project allowed us to explore the ever changing front-end landscape to find the tools that we believe will work for us.

In this talk we will explore our research into different frameworks looking at Preact, Vue.js and Svelte and explain what we believe to be the pros and cons of each.

Presented by

Emma Phillips

Front end developer at Zoopla


Emma currently works at Zoopla - she has 5 years experience in Front End Development and specialises in React and Vue.
She is also a coffee aficionado, retired Pokemon Master and a bit obsessed with her cat, Sandwich.


LWP January: new year, new framework?


14th January 2020

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