Frontend Resilience

On 10th May 2018 at The QEII Centre as part of DeltaV Conference

In a world of unreliable networks and vastly differing device capabilities how can we ensure that we always deliver a fully functional user experience? Let’s go beyond the theory and look at some practical techniques used at BuzzFeed to create resilient front-end systems.

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Ian Feather

Principal Software Engineer - Buzzfeed


Ian leads the front end infrastructure team at BuzzFeed working on performance, testing, automation and resilience. He is particularly fond of working on problems relating to scale: both of sites and of teams.

His background is in Front End Web Development and it’s only in recent years that he has stepped away from feature development to focus on Front End Infrastructure. He is a big fan of continuous delivery and creating a safe environment to push code quickly and easily. Prior to BuzzFeed he worked for Schibsted Media, Lonely Planet and Burberry.


DeltaV Conference


10th May 2018

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