I reviewed 200 perf-related webpack plugins so you don’t have to

On 8th October 2019 at Channel 4 Television as part of LWP October: Going fast in Government, and in Webpack

There are almost 10 000 npm packages with the “webpack” keyword in their package.json. Almost all of them are webpack loaders or plugins. But many of us have used 10 or 20 of those at most.

In this talk, I’ll cover the most interesting performance-related plugins from the webpack ecosystem: from advanced minification to image compression and custom library hacks. Ready your package managers!

Presented by

Ivan Akulov

Web performance consultant


Ivan is the founder of PerfPerfPerf, a web performance consulting agency, and helps companies to make their apps and sites faster. He is also a Google Developer Expert in web technologies. Ivan enjoys writing comprehensive articles and giving talks.

A couple of years ago, Ivan could have written a medium-complexity webpack configuration without googling anything. Since then, though, he switched to Next.js and recommends it to everyone now.


LWP October: Going fast in Government, and in Webpack


8th October 2019

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