Leveling up Web Performance with HTTP/3

On 11th February 2020 at RVU as part of LWP February: What’s new in HTTP

HTTP/3 is a newest version of the protocol that powers our web interactions. It's similar to HTTP/2 but addresses performance problems on lossy networks by virtue of the new transport protocol QUIC. This talk will provide a brief overview of these new protocols in comparison to what came before, show you the state of HTTP/3 implementations today, and look at how we can assess their impact on web performance.

Presented by

Lucas Pardue

Engineer at Cloudflare


Lucas is an engineer at Cloudflare and (newest) co-chair of the IETF QUIC Working Group. He specializes in Internet protocols with a particular interest in the Web Platform, content delivery and media. In 2014, he joined BBC R&D and started playing with HTTP/2 and QUIC, which lead on to getting involved with the IETF standardisation activities. In 2018, he joined Cloudflare to work on their HTTP/3 and QUIC implementation quiche, and helped to deliver these services on the edge in 2019.


LWP February: What’s new in HTTP


11th February 2020

Skill level