Programatically Performant

On 8th December 2020 at Programatically Performant as part of Yo Ho Ho! ‘Tis the season for some RUM

Many talks about performance focus on how you can improve your websites speed which is really helpful if you know you have a performance problem, however it will not help you identify whether there is a problem in the first place.

This talk focuses on how you can gather data yourself, helping you understand if you have a problem and what impact it is having on your users.

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Jonathan Fielding

#WebDev working for RVU, speaker about web things, writing about cool stuff, contributor to open source & into #Anime, loving both Attack on Titan and SAO


Jonathan works at RVU, where he focuses on building out and improving the site to offer users the best possible experience. The main drive behind anything that Jonathan does is whether it will benefit someone in some way, whether that be through improving UX on or through contributing to open source to help push the web forward. Outside of work, he has written Beginning Responsive Design with HTML5 and CSS3 and has worked on many open source projects including SimpleStateManager, Echo.js and Doccy. Aside from development he also has an awesome collection of geeky t-shirts.


Yo Ho Ho! ‘Tis the season for some RUM


8th December 2020

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