Speeding up without slowing down

On 7th November 2017 at The Financial Times as part of Speeding up without slowing down

At FT we built one of the world's fastest media websites, and release to production dozens of times a day. But the architectural and organisational decisions aimed at allowing us to deliver reliable features quickly and consistently don't always fit neatly with our desire to optimise performance.

In this warts-and-all talk, you'll learn

- how we build FT.com
- how a highly componentised, microservices stack with a rapid release cycle can sometimes get in the way of performance
- some ideas for working around these obstacles
- that web performance is hard, and no-one's perfect

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Presented by

Rhys Evans

rocket from the javascript


Rhys Evans is a senior developer on ft.com, one of the world's fastest media sites. After almost a decade as a front-end developer, he's gradually turned to the dark side, spending most of his time building, optimising and - if he's lucky - switching off bits of the nodejs stack. He has built 4 bikes, one of which hasn't broken yet, and spends some of his spare time optimising performance on http://www.refugeesupport.eu/


Speeding up without slowing down


7th November 2017

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