The Pit of Performance: Fast by default with Sveltejs

On 14th January 2020 at General Assembly as part of LWP January: new year, new framework?

Building modern web UIs is a balancing act involving many competing priorities. The tools we use should reduce the time and energy we need to spend in order to make good decisions.

Svelte is a compiler and view library that generates performant front-ends by default and makes reactivity a first-class citizen by moving it directly into the language. We will investigate bundle-size, DOM and SSR performance as well exploring some additional opportunities for optimisation.

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Peter Allen (pngwn)

Front end developer


pngwn has spent many years wrangling javascript and coercing front-ends into doing something useful. They currently work as a contract front-end developer and love to share their passion for animation and performance.


LWP January: new year, new framework?


14th January 2020

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