The Shape of the Web

Somewhere on a university campus in the US midwest, a 20 some year old student was earning minimum-wage, writing code in the middle of the night that would forever change the world. Until 1992, the internet was largely textual, reserved almost exclusively to academia, with the charm of searching for library books via antiquated card catalogs. The sea change was a browser called: Mosaic. Marc Andreessen, the young minimum-wage earner, co-authored Mosaic and in 1993 it became the 1st consumer-friendly browser, described once as the “gateway to the riches of the internet”. 25 years later, these same internet riches have become richer content, browsing has become as quotidian as a cup of coffee though not without a touch of tumult. “The Shape Of The Web” is about both accomplishments and challenges that lay in past, present and future of the web, its technologies employed and its employed technologists.