Web performance @ Nbrown: It’s a business affair

On 10th May 2018 at The QEII Centre as part of DeltaV Conference

Web Performance has always been a term used in business that has many meanings. After finally being able to show a direct correlation between webpage load time and impact on e-commerce conversion Nbrown has brought web performance to the centre of the N brown road map. This talk will take you through our journey from an IT metric to a company-wide focus.

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Laura Sheridan

Senior Business Process Manager Nbrown Group

Laura started her career as an analyst working in a variety of industries across B2B, B2C, private and public sector roles and went on to work as a digital analytics manager in Business Link Northwest and Bupa. Whilst in these roles she developed a passion and knowledge of the technical side of analytics including tagging and development.

Laura joined Nbrown 4 years ago in a newly created role to straddle IT and Marketing, with a view of governing all web data, managing all analytics tools and driving all data-focused project management. Her main focus in the past 18 months has been delivering web performance to the business, getting SMT buy-in and leading a cross-functional working group with marketing, IT and design to get web performance on the roadmap.

Nick Webb

Senior Technical Specialist- Nbrown Group


Nick is a senior technical specialist at N Brown. Being at the forefront of e-commerce for the last 16 years Nick has seen how websites are run at Enterprise level from a business and an IT view. Nick is the IT lead in the Web performance working group at N Brown.


DeltaV Conference


10th May 2018

Skill level

Beginner / Intermediate