Optimising the Web – A Front End Talk

On 11th April 2018 at The Financial Times as part of Optimising the Web – A Front End Talk

Understanding the various stages of how the browser builds the DOM, how to optimise HTML, CSS and JS, how networking plays a part and what AMP and PWAs add to the performance landscape. This is a very technical but pretty high level talk that intends to introduce the audience to virtually every topic they would wish to deep dive into in the future.

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Sanjay Purswani

Full stack web developer with a flair for the front end and past lives in design and animation. Senior Software Engineer at comparethemarket.com


Open source contributor to Facebook's React, Google's AMP, Google's Lighthouse and many other projects.

Full stack Software Engineer on the Marketing-Tech team with a preference for Javascript and the front end. Maintaining and upgrading the codebase and working on new major marketing campaigns for comparethemarket.com

- AMP, React, Redux, ES6, Webpack
- Javascript, JQuery, Angular 1.5, Knockout
- EPiServer CMS
- Test automation, A/B & MVT testing

My team build, run and own over 2,000 content-manageable pages under the comparethemarket.com domain, we serve hundreds of thousands of page views a day that feed our users into price-saving journeys that saved the British public £1.8 Billion last year.

We pair, test, peer review and handle our code through the release pipeline in to production where we monitor, maintain and iterate on it.

Major campaigns include:

Meerkat Movies.
Disney and Lucasfilm's Star Wars franchise.
Warner Bros DC-Comics franchise.
ITV's Coronation Street.
Disney's Frozen.


Optimising the Web – A Front End Talk


11th April 2018

Skill level

Beginner / Intermediate