LWP July: Measurement and observability

LWP July: Measurement and observability

The covid era has made us all obsessed with numbers. Are they right? Are they valid? Do they tell the story you need to hear or the one you want to imagine? In web perf, of course, numbers are our native language, and we’ve been arguing about methodologies since the dawn of time (which is about 2006, in web perf terms).

This month we’re bringing you the unparalleled brilliance of Emily Nakashima, who manages the engineering and design teams at Honeycomb.io, and delivered one of the best received talks at Perf.now in Amsterdam last year. She’ll be asking us to consider the connection between performance and user happiness through the lens of observability.

Web performance enthusiast and Googler Rick Viscomi will introduce us to the measurement tools that allow tracking of the new Core Web Vitals metrics Google is advocating as the best way to understand how users experience the web.


LWP June: Coronavirus surge

LWP June: Coronavirus surge

In the chaos of entering lockdown, many businesses, especially in travel and hospitality, had good cause to wonder if Covid-19 might be the end of them. Restaurants, shops, cinemas and gyms all closed their doors. But just as these businesses faced a struggle for survival, others started experiencing the opposite problem.

As a food delivery business, how do you cope when seemingly every person in the country who has ever had a Gousto account suddenly wants to order a delivery at the same time? What about video streaming? And how are these things affecting our internet experience as a whole? How is the network coping with everyone suddenly being on Zoom?

Join us to hear about how as the world has a health crisis, the internet is in pretty good shape.


LWP May: Regulation and compliance

LWP May: Regulation and compliance

For our second month of online-only LWP, we will be turning our attention to compliance. Cookie consent, tracking permissions, PII, data sharing, cross domain leakage… there’s a lot for us to worry about these days, and we’ve got to make it all performant too!

Emanuil Tolev from Elastic joins LWP veteran and accessibility expert Léonie Watson for an event devoted to finding the perfect balance between engagement, experience, and compliance.

By attending this event you agree to learn things and have fun. Knowledge provided, food up to you. Bring your own wifi.


LWP April: Migrations

LWP April: Migrations

We’re back, and we’re 100% online. Our event that we had scheduled for March will now go ahead on our April schedule, but we will be live streaming ONLY, so you cannot attend in person. To attend, there is no need to register, just follow the link shown below. If you have Zoom, it will launch and join the call automatically, otherwise it will prompt you to install.

Things have changed a lot since the early days of the web, and one of those ways is in the importance of resilience. Resilience drives architectural decisions which prioritise fault tolerance, and also changes the way we think about migrations. No technology decision lasts forever, and when the time comes to move on, how do you do it without impacting availability, or end user experience?

The days are gone when it was good enough to throw up a maintenance page and load your one set of servers in a van (all at once). Today migrations are complex, challenging, and intricate operations. When done well though, a migration can unshackle you from legacy decisions, accelerate growth or open up new possibilities for better performance.

This month we will host two inspiring stories of migrations of different kinds. Robin and Stacey from Compare the Market share their experience of moving infrastructure from on-premise to the cloud, while GDS’s Matt Hobbs will cover their long journey to enable HTTP/2 on gov.uk.

Make sure you’re on the zoom by 19:00 London time for the first talk!


LWP February: What’s new in HTTP


This February, we welcome two protocol experts to London Web Performance, to help us get up to date on our use of HTTP. Having got our heads around HTTP/2, and with it said goodbye to old practices like domain sharding and bundling, HTTP/3 is arriving to iron out the kinks in HTTP/2. It may be more of an under-the-hood update, but it’s worth understanding how this will impact your page load performance.

Meanwhile, HTTP headers have been a wild west of poor standardisation for years. Structured headers is arriving and will finally bring some order to the chaos, allowing a single parser to handle all compliant headers. Find out what structured headers will mean and take advantage by writing your custom headers using structured headers syntax.


LWP January: new year, new framework?

General Assembly

Many of us have now been using our preferred front end framework for years. Whether it’s Ember, Angular, React, Vue, or Svelte, there’s no shortage of different schools of thought on how we should organise our applications in the browser.

New years often give us a chance to think afresh about our habits and try something new, so we thought it was about time we did a frameworks event. This is not some kind of showdown – we are looking objectively at the pros and cons of different methods and encouraging a holistic view taking in developer experience and learnability as well as performance and good defaults.

Talks for this meetup will be announced just before our December event


LWP December: doing good on the web

Makers Academy

We made it to the end of the decade! The web is in a challenging place in many ways, and for our end of year special we wanted to celebrate the ways in which the web can bring people together, create galvanise political movements and get help to people who need it.

Several times in the last couple of years we’ve seen what happens when a petition posted on the government e-petitions website goes viral, and signatures flood in at a phenomenal rate. Learn from Andrew White, CTO of Unboxed, the team that built the petition site, about how the signing rate has increased as the petitions system has captured the public imagination, and how the site handles it.

When we’ve been able to, London Web Performance has supported Crisis, a UK charity working to end homelessness on our streets. Unfortunately they are busier than ever and the annual Crisis at Christmas event is for many people who visit the Christmas centres a rare wonderful experience, and some welcome respite from the reality of homelessness. Crisis at Christmas is a logistical marvel, depending on a team of specialist volunteers, including technology professionals who do everything from organising internet access for guests to creating back-office systems for volunteers.

Ticket revenue (less Eventbrite fees) for this month’s event will be donated to Crisis.


LWP November: Lighthouse audits and network throttling


This month we take a particularly narrow focus on a couple of specific performance methods: network throttling, and custom audits in Lighthouse. Matt Zeunert, founder of DebugBear, will talk about creating the network conditions that you need for proper testing of your site, and we’re pleased to bring Aymen Loukil to London from France for a talk on using custom audits in Lighthouse to monitor business performance metrics.

We’re continuing our nomadic tour of London’s tech scene – this month we’re thankful to Akamai for hosting us in the heart of the West End. Due to the small size of the venue there will be fewer tickets available than normal. Food and drink will be provided.


LWP October: Going fast in Government, and in Webpack

Channel 4 Television

Autumn has arrived and as we desperately wind the clocks back an hour in the hopes of a bit more summer (and a bit more sleep), London Web Performance brings you two solid web performance talks to warm your hearts and cool your CPUs.

Ivan Akulov, a performance consultant making his speaking debut in the UK, has selflessly reviewed hundreds of Webpack plugins so you don’t have to, and will be presenting his findings. We’re bringing Ivan from Belarus exclusively to speak for us for LWP.

Closer to home, Matt Hobbs, head of Frontend development at the Government Digital Service, will help us understand the importance of performance in government services, and what GDS’s approach is like.

Bring your best free conference socks and prepare for another exciting LWP lineup.


LWP September: Saving data and the web perf quiz

Cloudflare London

This month LWP returns to its second-tuesday slot with two visiting speakers. Tim Vereecke, a web performance consultant at Akamai and scale-modelling enthusiast, will discuss data saver mode, and what it means for your website. Lydia Hallie is also making a special trip to join us from Sweden to present her web performance trivia quiz. I came across Lydia’s advanced JavaScript questions repo when it was featured in JavaScript Weekly and am delighted she’s able to bring that content to LWP.

The Cloudflare office is in County Hall, Belvedere Rd. The entrance is in front of Forum Magnum Square on Belvedere Road. Once inside, walk to the elevators foyer on the left of the central staircase and press “6” on the keypad. Use the elevator shown on the display (A, B or C). Once on floor 6, go left to get into the office.