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Observability is for User Happiness

Within the observability community, there’s a saying, “nines don’t matter if users aren’t happy,” meaning that 99.999% server uptime is a pointless goal if our customers aren’t having a fast,…

Measuring Web Vitals

Without data, there's no way to know if we're delivering great experiences to our users. In this talk we'll look at tools for measuring and monitoring how real users experience…

How PerfOps revolutionized performance at Marks & Spencer

This month we have a great talk from Andrew Neilson who is currently head of PerfOps at Marks and Spencer and is responsible for performance across the breadth of the M& business. The talk was first given at Velocity Europe last Autumn, and was extremely highly rated, but even if you attended that talk, Andrew promises an interesting update as things have moved on considerably in the last 6 months. This talk will demonstrate how a large business such as M&S can move from a standing start to having a performance culture. One not to miss.