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Observability is for User Happiness

Within the observability community, there’s a saying, “nines don’t matter if users aren’t happy,” meaning that 99.999% server uptime is a pointless goal if our customers aren’t having a fast,…

Measuring Web Vitals

Without data, there's no way to know if we're delivering great experiences to our users. In this talk we'll look at tools for measuring and monitoring how real users experience…

TLS Perf: from three to zero in one spec

The Financial Times

For June, and the very first event we are launching from our new website, we have Natasha Rooney from GSMA who is going to tell us all about TLS in the past present and future, and how what is happening in this area will help us all to deliver HTTPS everywhere.

Beer & Pizzas will be provided due to the generosity of our Group Sponsors : Akamai, AppDynamics, Cedexis, Dynatrace, Dyn, The Financial Times, Google, NCC Group, Neustar, PEER1, and SciVisum.