DeltaV Conference

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Show your team what’s possible when it comes to web performance.

  • Identify quick wins – Discover practical first steps and tools to help you rapidly improve your front-end load times
  • Measure the impact – Learn to measure, benchmark and convert… and smash your revenue targets.
  • Persuade your business to take action – Hear from the experts how to make the case for improvement with real world case studies

Our speakers will cover a range of web performance topics over the two-day conference.

  • Technical deep dives on PWA, Third Party tags, Chrome UX Report, QUIC and more.
  • Practical advice about building a web performance team, measurement, and how to convince your company to care about performance.
  • In-depth case studies from Trivago, Wix, JD Williams, Missguided and more!

DeltaV Conference Thursday 10th May

For a full list of talks see Redefining Web Performance - Tim Kadlec; Starting a Dedicated Web Performance Team: the First Ten Months - Sarah Dapul-Weberman; Speeding up without slowing down - Rhys Evans; This is for everyone - Seren Davies and Bruce Lawson; Chrome user experience report -…

DeltaV Conference Friday 11th May

For a full list of talks see Hunting the Unicorn - Tammy Everts; Any site can be a Progressive Web App - Jeremy Keith; Fast Fashion - How Missguided revolutionised their approach to site performance - Mark Leach and Andy Davies; How To Manage Performance Like a Product -…