DeltaV Conference

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Show your team what’s possible when it comes to web performance.

  • Identify quick wins – Discover practical first steps and tools to help you rapidly improve your front-end load times
  • Measure the impact – Learn to measure, benchmark and convert… and smash your revenue targets.
  • Persuade your business to take action – Hear from the experts how to make the case for improvement with real world case studies

Our speakers will cover a range of web performance topics over the two-day conference.

  • Technical deep dives on PWA, Third Party tags, Chrome UX Report, QUIC and more.
  • Practical advice about building a web performance team, measurement, and how to convince your company to care about performance.
  • In-depth case studies from Trivago, Wix, JD Williams, Missguided and more!

Starting a Dedicated Web Performance Team: the First Ten Months

In July 2017, Pinterest formed its first-ever dedicated web performance team. In this talk I will discuss how the performance team got off the ground, set goals, built tools, and made performance a priority at Pinterest. Topics will include building a regression testing and investigation framework, finding the biggest optimization…
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Speeding up without Slowing Down

At FT we built one of the world's fastest media websites, and release to production dozens of times a day. But the architectural and organisational decisions aimed at allowing us to deliver reliable features quickly and consistently don't always fit neatly with the desire to optimise performance. In this warts-and-all…
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This is for Everyone

As Timbo said, the web is supposed to be for everyone. So why isn't it, and how can we get the web to more people? Seren Davies and Bruce Lawson, the web's very own Harry and Meghan, will reveal more.
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Chrome User Experience Report

How do 3G and 4G connection speeds differ across countries? What is the effect of 301 redirect on user experience, and thus on conversion rate? These are some of the questions connecting web performance to UX and business metrics that we will be looking at in this talk. HTTP archive,…
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Web performance @ Nbrown: It’s a business affair

Web Performance has always been a term used in business that has many meanings. After finally being able to show a direct correlation between webpage load time and impact on e-commerce conversion Nbrown has brought web performance to the centre of the N brown road map. This talk will take…
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Let’s build a Progressive Web App

Let's break down what makes up a PWA (progressive web app). Then build one ourselves; looking at what tools we can use to help save time making them and what performance benefits they can bring us.
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Frontend Resilience

In a world of unreliable networks and vastly differing device capabilities how can we ensure that we always deliver a fully functional user experience? Let’s go beyond the theory and look at some practical techniques used at BuzzFeed to create resilient front-end systems.
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A Rube Goldberg Machine and New Web Technology

There are some exciting new developments happening in the web platform right now. New APIs such as CSS Grid, Web Components, Custom CSS Properties and the Web Animation API. Each on their own is a complex topic worth getting to grips with but what this talk aims to show is…
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Debugger; for Developers

What’s common for Meryl Streep, Henry Ford and Albert Einstein? All of them suffered from different problems in their professional lives despite their success. This talk *is not about development*. Instead of code, this inspirational and motivational talk will set debugger on ourselves as humans to analyse the bugs most…
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Hunting the Unicorn

There's a lot of competition to define the next big unicorn performance metric, but does this unicorn actually exist? In the past, we relied on metrics like page load time, start render, and time to first paint to measure user experience, but we now know that these metrics don't tell…
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Any site can be a Progressive Web App

There's a common misconception that making a Progressive Web App means creating a Single Page App with an app-shell architecture. But the truth is that literally any website can benefit from the performance boost that results from the combination of HTTPS + Service Worker + Web App Manifest.
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Fast Fashion – How Missguided Revolutionised their approach to Site Performance

Missguided are one of the UK's most innovative and fast-moving fashion retailers but as with many other retailers, web performance hasn't always been our highest priority. In summer 2017 we started to make performance improvements and as a result, Android revenue increased significantly. Spurred on by this success we created…
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How To Manage Performance Like a Product

It’s pretty widely accepted that performance impacts business success. So where do you start and how do you make sure you’re successful? It’s not just about making the slowest pages faster or having the fastest root cause analysis in a fire drill. We need to start to manage performance like…
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Improving load time for 100 million websites – Wix Case-Study

Wix is the leading DIY platform for building an online presence, hosting over 100 million websites. Providing high-performance service is of topmost importance to us, and is one of our main goals for the entire company. In this case-study I will review how we implemented a process of continuous performance…
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QUIC: in Theory and Practice

This talk will discuss the new QUIC protocol and why it is needed/important for web performance in particular. I will start by discussing the shortcomings of the current HTTP/2 setup and how QUIC aims to help solve them. I will discuss the bolder aspects of the new standard and the…
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It’s My (Third) Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

Like it or not, a huge part of modern web development involves the use of third-party providers: fonts, analytics, ads, tracking, and more all have an impact of performance, and can leave us (or, more worryingly, our visitors) susceptible to performance degradation. In this talk, we’ll take a look at…
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Where are the Women?

Inside and out of the technology sector, more people are talking about diversity than ever before. That means it matters to us as a society. That’s good, because I care deeply about diversity, and I need you and all of us to care.
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There’s more to Performance than meets the Eye

What does performant look like when you can't see the screen? The browser does more with the DOM than visually render content. It presents an accessibility tree that's queried using platform accessibility APIs. Different browser processing models mean that Assistive Technologies (AT) are changing the way they obtain accessibility information,…
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25% Faster Hotel Search. Web Performance? – Trivago

Every day the trivago hotel search website enables millions of users to find their ideal hotel in over 190 countries. With over 50 active locales and annual traffic growth of over 40%, maintaining optimal web performance is key to trivago's success as a business. In emerging markets, maintaining optimal web…
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The Shape of the Web

Somewhere on a university campus in the US midwest, a 20 some year old student was earning minimum-wage, writing code in the middle of the night that would forever change the world. Until 1992, the internet was largely textual, reserved almost exclusively to academia, with the charm of searching for…
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